Pink Beds

About the Venue

Pink Beds, known for its lovely pink flora, is a great hiking area situated in the Pisagah National Forest. If you're seeking a ceremony amongst the butterflies or the fireflies, this is a great spot.

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  • This spot does require brief walk in. We recommend walking shoes. Though it's a flat terrain in, it's a rock and dirt path.
  • Does get crowded so if you're looking for private, we advise performing your ceremony here in the morning.
  • Does require a permit fee which we apply for. We charge $125 for this service.
  • We are not permitted to perform ceremonies here without a permit.
  • Reserving your date with Simply Eloped does not guarantee we have been approved for the permit with Pisgah National Park.
  • This spot also requires travel fees to cover gas and time for our team getting to this spot. That cost is $156 per vendor.
  • Up to 10 may gather, so you may have 8 guests total (vendors are not part of the count).
  • We are required to have a Simply Eloped person on site - this can be an officiant, photographer, videographer or day of helper (which means with our Orchid Package, you are required to add-on our Day of Helper to have them on site)
  • Due to poor weather during the winter months, we only perform ceremonies here April 1 - October 31st. Spot can be unsafe or inaccessible in the winter months.