The average wedding costs $33,900. Get a quote now and let us plan you a beautiful elopement, while saving you over $28,000

The average wedding costs $33,900. Get a quote now and let us plan you a beautiful elopement, while saving you over $28,000

Hidden Valley

About the Venue

Hidden Valley in the Rocky Mountain National Park is becoming a new park favorite. The valley sits at the feet of two gorgeous mountains and the area is full of pines, aspens and summer wildflowers. This site has a wooden foot bridge, restrooms, ample parking and is wheelchair accessible.

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  • As with anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park, Hidden Valley requires a $100 permit fee which Simply Eloped is happy to coordinate for you! Reminder, the permit fee is included if you book with the Bloom Package.
  • Travel fees cover the cost of our vendors getting to the location and includes compensation for time and gas. Hidden Valley requires $157.50 per vendor. Make sure you take this into account if you have a photographer, officiant and/or videographer with us!
  • No dogs allowed here, please leave your fur babies at home if you are looking at holding your ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Alcohol is permitted: Please drink responsibly, don't drink and drive, If you pack it in - pack it out!
  • The park does not permit any type of seating, arches or other decor. This keeps our mark on the land minimal!
  • Rocky Mountain National Park has a year-round guest count of 20 people at this location. This includes your team (officiant, photographer, etc), yourselves (both you and your honey) and your guests. If you have more than 16 guests or 20 people total, we will need to get special permission from the park. Please make sure to let us know how many guests you will have!
  • In addition to the permit, Rocky Mountain National Park requires a $25 fee per car entering the park. We suggest carpooling!
  • In the case of rain, we can duck into your car and wait for the weather to pass (it generally breaks quickly).
  • Rocky Mountain National Park only issues 6 permits per day and this is the most popular ceremony spot in the whole park. We can apply for you but there is no guarantee we will be approved for your date, time or location. The only way to know is to apply; no way to know in advance.